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Hosting & Domains

Need help setting up your hosting or domains?

All websites need somewhere to live, that's where hosting comes in. We normally take care of hosting for you if we are building the website, however, we can help you host your website even if we're not building it.

We use a number of different hosting platforms depending upon what type of website it is, for example, ecommerce platforms normally require more resources to staticly generated websites.

A domain is the name that users type into the browser when they want to visit the website, for example, takes you to Google. You'll need a domain when you set up your website, we can help you choose a domain name suitable for your business and can take care of all the complicated stuff like updating DNS records and SSL certificates.

Microsoft 365 For Business

We have a team dedicated to Microsoft 365 and Outlook email management. If you need help managing your email we can help you with that. Our team is also experienced in migrating email services from old POP3/IMAP email services to Microsoft and Gmail.