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Web Design & Development

Do you need a website redesign or a new website from scratch?

Web Design & UX

Making a website starts with an idea, the idea turns into a sketch, the sketch is used as a blueprint for the website design. The Web People have a team of skilled web designers to help you turn your idea into a beautify designed website. Our professional UX designers will arrange to meet with you to talk through your ideas or go through your existing site to understand what you're looking for.

Web Development

Development is the coding behind the website that makes it show in the browser. The developers working on your project will liase with the designers throughout the process and start the develop a working concept of the website so you can see your website coming to life early in the project.

User Experience

UX is an important part of website design & development, good UX ensures that the users of the website get get the information they need efficiently. When you make a website, you want it to be easy to navigate and use.

User experience is everywhere, wether it be using a website on an tablet device, or turning on the air conditioning in your car.

We have some of the best UX designers here at The Web People because we understand how important it is.

We have a team of developers who specialise in WordPress development. We would recommend using WordPress if you're wanting a blog type website which is updated daily.

Looking for a React developer? We specialise in React websites. Infact, this website is developed on React using Next.js. If you need a website to show off your services and to give customers a way to contact you we'd recommend creating a static generated site with React & Next.js

If you're looking to hire a Sqaurespace developer, then look no further. We have a number of Sqaurespace developers who are experienced on the platform who can help you with any issues you have.